Brief Biography

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Mr. Wei-Hong Li is currently a master student majoring in Information and Communication Engineering in the School of Electronics and Information Technology at the Sun Yat-sen University (one of the top ten ones in China) and is a visiting PhD student at the Queen Mary University of London (UK) from 15th Oct. 2017. His research interests include Computer Vision and Machine Learning, particularly in Person re-identification, Important people detection, Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning. During his master program, Mr. Wei-Hong Li worked on online Metric Learning for person re-identification, person search & automatically inferring the most important people in static images and he has a wide range of reading in computer vision & machine learning. Recently he involves in the Royal Society Newton Advanced Fellowship on Person Re-Identification In-The-Wild in UK.


News (January 2018): My paper PersonRank: Detecting Important People in Images is accepted by the FG 2018 as an oral paper.
News (December 2017): My paper One-pass Person Re-identification by Sketched Online Discriminant Analysis is available on arXiv and the project page can be found here.
News (September 2017): My paper Correlation based Identity Filter: An Efficient Framework For Person Search is accepted by ICIG 2017 and is awarded The Best Paper Award.