Brief Biography

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I am currently a PhD student in Prof. Hakan Bilen's team (The VICO Group) in the School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh. My research focuses on computer vision and machine learning. Before Edinburgh, I have completed my master and bachelor supervised by Prof. Wei-Shi Zheng in the iSEE group at Sun Yat-sen University where I was working on Object Tracking, Person Re-identification and Important People Detection. It is a great time to work with Prof. Wei-Shi Zheng who thankfully introduced me to computer vision. During the master program, I was lucky to have a visiting study in the Vision Group at Queen Mary University of London where I focused on video search with Prof. Sean Gong.


News (June 2019): Attending CVPR 2019 in Long Beach, USA, for presenting my recent paper on important people detection. Feel free to drop me emails for discussion.
News (April 2019): The Paper, Code and Supplementary Material of our CVPR 2019 paper are available on our project page. Feel free to contact us if any questions.
News (March 2019): My paper One-pass Person Re-identification by Sketched Online Discriminant Analysis is accepted to be published in Pattern Recognition (PR). Congrats to Zhuowei Zhong and Wei-Shi Zheng.
News (February 2019): My paper Learning to Learn Relation for Important People Detection in Still Images is accepted by CVPR 2019. Congrats to Fa-Ting Hong and Wei-Shi Zheng.
News (October 2018): Two important people image datasets are available!
News (September 2018): I am excited to start my PhD study with Prof. Hakan Bilen.
News (January 2018): My paper PersonRank: Detecting Important People in Images is accepted by the FG 2018 as an oral paper.
News (December 2017): My paper One-pass Person Re-identification by Sketched Online Discriminant Analysis is available on arXiv and the project page can be found here.
News (September 2017): My paper Correlation based Identity Filter: An Efficient Framework For Person Search is accepted by ICIG 2017 and is awarded The Best Paper Award.